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In today’s world, emailing or messaging has become standard “tool” for both internal and external corporate communication. With Microsoft Exchange Server, an organization can achieve new levels of reliability and performance with features that allow for simplified administration, help in protecting communications within the organization and offers greater mobility to the end-users.

I have created this blog to provide useful and (hopefully) helpful information related to both Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office Outlook.

My name is Ibrahim Benna and I have been working with Exchange since 2003. My first exposure to Exchange was when I got a job at a company in Toronto, Canada named VOLT. They were recruiting support engineers for this company called Microsoft (maybe you’ve heard of it)! The requirements for the job were to have a strong background in Windows technology and know what port SMTP and POP3 used. Once I got the job, Microsoft sent over technical engineers, people who were involved in developing code for Exchange from Texas and Redmond to train us. We underwent rigorous training for almost 2 months and by the end, Exchange became second nature to me!

Working as a support engineer exposes a person to lots of different environment types, issues and conditions that kept my Exchange skills sharp and on-point. In 2006 I decided to move away from support and joined LegendCorp, a small Microsoft gold partner where many of my colleagues had moved on it. LegendCorp introduced me to the work of consulting and taught me how to be independent and more of a customer-facing individual. I learnt the skills of assessing an existing Microsoft or non-Microsoft messaging environment, developing a full design based on the clients requirements which led to an implementation of the design. In 2009, LegendCorp was merged with Navantis where I still work as an infrastructure Analyst.

The messaging world has since expanded and has become broad with the integration of Exchange and Lync 2010 to bring us Unified Communications (UC). I am in the works to learning more about Lync 2010 and how it combines with Exchange. I am also working on learning more about the cloud technology and the features and benefits office 365 can bring to organizations.

During my time working with Exchange, researching issues became a tedious tasks. I came across www.msexchange.org and started reading and responding to the posts. After a few years or that, and because of the accuracy and feedback by posters, I was promoted to one of the moderators (administrators) of the site and I still am very active on it as well as Microsoft Exchange TechNet forums (http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/exchange2010/threads).

In 2009, Microsoft awarded me the prestiguous Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for Exchange Server and have been re-awarded to date.

Please follow me on Twitter @IbrahimBenna for the latest updates on Exchange 2010 and Lync 2010.


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